Hello! We are recruiting new translators and proofreaders/editor!

The following are the requirements that must be met if you want to join our team. Depending on its position, each section has different requirements.



  • MTL is acceptable. But we do not accept pure MTL. Edited MTL is accepted if your translations are clear and understandable. We don’t accept copying and pasting directly from machine translations.
  • We accept translators without any prior experience.
  • Free to choose novel you want to translate.
  • Able to use Google Drive (Especially Google Docs)


  • Don’t worry about the raws, we will provide you!
  • You can add your ko-fi/patreon or something related here


  • Has excellent knowledge in English.
  • Legal age (Only applies to R19-novel projects)


  • Early access to team’s editor/Google Docs.
  • Staff Access

If you are interested please open ticket through discord!

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